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Jiangsu Dr.green Textile Co., ltd

Business category 1 Filter Bags
Business category 2 Metal Processing Service
City ( of main office ) Suzhou, CN, China
Address No.3, guangdong Road, economic Development Zone, siyang, suqian, jiangsu, China
Phones +86 18000156168
Web site https://en.bbs-fiberglass.com
About Jiangsu Dr.green Textile Co., ltd located in Suqian, Jiangsu, China. We are a innovative enterprise specializing in development, manufacturing, installation and selling of Alkali-free fiberglass filtration materials. With a total investment of 27 million dollars, DR.GREEN has international leading equipments, such as intelligent CNC un-twist spinning machine, bulk yarn machine controlled by computer, digital convert warping-sizing machine, high speed wide width shuttleless looms, unique after-treatment producing lines etc.
Date 2023 Aug 18, 06:08