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Jiangsu River Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

Business category 1 Excavators
City ( of main office ) Changzhou, CN, China
Address No.506, Changwu South Road
Phones +86 15926413148
Web site https://www.riverexcavator.net
About China Amphibious Excavator And Dredge Machine Manufacturer

Jiangsu River Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is One of the earliest Chinese companies devoted to designing and producing river dredging equipment. Due to many years of business experience with good quality, our clients have rated our products ahead of other amphibious excavator industries.

We have our research and development (R & D) production, sales and engineering teams for modern-day technology to meet customer needs.

Our products cover amphibious excavators, swamp buggy, undercarriage, cutter suction dredgers, cutter suction pumps, wetland diggers, long reach boom/front, excavator attachments, etc.

Our trusted and respected clients are spread across over 50 cities all over China and overseas, such as Poland, Russia, Uganda, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh and other countries.
Date 2023 May 3, 12:05