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Jiangsu Xingrui Piping Co.,Ltd

Business category 1 Copper Pipes
Business category 2 Steel Pipes
Business category 3 Other Metals & Metal Products
City ( of main office ) Taizhou, CN, China
Phones 86-523-80235831
Fax 86-523-84897700
Web site www.jsxrgy.com
About   In 2011, JIANGSU XINGRUI PIPING CO.,LTD was formed to provide OXYGEN LANCE and THERMIC LANCE to the commercial steel-makingand foundry casting industry. We provided the base of industry blow oxygen or inject carbon into electric arc furnace solutions and skilled experience of exothermic cutting methods.
  Today, the company operates within a 24,000 square foot multiplex in China,this location offers a large inventory storage capability and four workshops for complex on-site fabrication capable of designing and producing standard or customizedoxygen lancing pipe & thermic lances.
Date 2018 Sep 1, 01:09