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Jiaxing Yutong Technology Co., Ltd

Business category 1 Fasteners
City ( of main office ) Jiaxing, CN, China
Address 568 Xingxin Avenue, Wanghai Street, Haiyan County
Phones +86 13356019388
Fax +86 573-86160885
Web site www.yt-fastener.com
About Jiaxing Yutong Technology Co., Ltd. is a combination of industry and trade, its predecessor is Haiyan North Fastener Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. . We are committed to the production of thread, nut, bolt, and gasket. These standards include Chinese GB standard, international ISO standard, German Din Standard, American Ansi Standard, British BS standard and so on, the main raw materials used are carbon steel, product grades are Grade4.8,8.8 and 10.9, and other products exported to Europe and the United States. , mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Canada and dozens of other countries, cooperation customers are many trains, automobiles, forklifts and construction machinery host factory customers, including more than 10 Fortune 500 companies.
Date Jan 20, 06:01