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KNK Bali

Business category 1 Fruit
Business category 2 Fresh Seafood
Business category 3 Agricultural Waste
City ( of main office ) Singaraja, ID, Indonesia
Address Jalan Mayor Metra No.69
Phones +62 81287286562
Web site knkbali.blogspot.com
About Knk Bali Agroplasma Is A Company Engaged In The Agro Business, Which Produces And Sells Products From Various Helicornia Plantation And Plantation Products: Strawberry, Cavendish Banana, Sweet Corn, Lettuce, Rosmerry, Minth Leaf And Herb, Aloe Vera, Etc. With Brand Packaging '' (Registered Brand). Based in the Bukit Pucuk Valley, Tamblingan Village, Puncak Bedugul - Bali, and Gerokgak Singaraja as a Branch / Production. The realization of a Prosperous and Sufficient Community of Pancasari, Bedugul - Bali is based on the basis that cooperation to achieve togetherness-effort and mutual welfare is a vision Knk Bali. Where To Form Small Farmer Groups With The Intention of Seeking To Position As A Leading Agro-Business / Agricultural Product Retail Company, Both On A National And International Scale, Which Are Reliable And Have A Competitive Advantage In The Global Market. This is a necessity with the full support of the Kelompaok Tani Community and also under the guidance of experts in agriculture and plantations. Knk Bali Agroplasma with Business Partners and Farmer Groups, Professionally, Build Collaboration by Upholding the Principles of Business Togetherness and Mutually Beneficial Cooperation So that Mutual Prosperity is expected to be achieved, which in turn can improve the welfare of farmers and mutual prosperity.
We, the Farmer Group, Call Ourselves the Association of Farmers who Care for the Environment, With a Very Simple Planting Pattern Promoting Natural Friendship Where We Strive To Minimize All Forms Of Killing Of Pests And Insects That Disturb Our Plants With Pest Eviction Systems But Do Not Kill Them In A Very Natural Way - Organic, Where Both Fertilizers, Nustisi And Pesticides That We Use Are All Vegetable Without Animal Content, We Collect Neemba Fruit For Further Fermentation For Use As A Substitute Of Drug / Chemical Pesticides. Leaves and Trash from Land Cleansing And Vegetable Remains We Manage As Organic Fertilizer With The Hope Of Returning Our Soil / Land Fertility Naturally Where We Try To Introduce It To The Community Then Inviting The Community To Immediately Love The Nature Of The Environment By Not Poisoning The Motherland With All Forms Of Murder By Chemical Methods , Let us protect the environment naturally, keep Mother Earth away from chemistry. For that, let us support our farmers' efforts for this planet; Besides that, chemical pesticides have caused the tendency of pests to become resistant / resistant, thus increasing the dosage for the next planting period. Therefore, an ecological and environmentally friendly agricultural model was developed using organic / natural pesticides.
Organic Pesticides Are One Of The Natural And Integrated Pest Management Solutions That Are Processed Naturally And Are Multipurpose.
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