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Naushie Exports

Business category 1 Fresh Onions
City ( of main office ) Nāgercoil, IN, India
Address 55,New Street,Kottar,Nagercoil-629002
Phones 914652240482
Fax 914652245206
Web site www.naushieexports.cm
About Dear Sir,
We take the pleasure to introduce our company, Naushie Exports a well established Importing and exporting  company having head office at 55, New Street, Kottar, Nagercoil and branch at Tuticorin , India. dealing with  Food Items, grains, pulses, Fresh Fruits, vegetables, Coir products , Chemicals  and metals ..  Having wide marketing net work distribution centers around all over India and overseas countries . We are listed as top ten companies in Tuticorin customs revenue zone by Government of India , and Natioanl award winner of 2006-07 as  the best state level exporters in India awarded by Indian Government .
Since 1993 onwards we have been dealing with U.S, Australia, New Zealand ,South Africa ,Middle East countries, and China.
In export sector we are dealing with number of products which meets international standards and  we can supply these products at a very competitive price in bulk quantities regularly ,  in this sector ,We are interested in establishing long time business relation ship with overseas companies. we can give guarantee for the quality, regular supply, immediate shipments with out any delay,
We  are one of a major exporters of fresh shell egg to Middle East market and African market. and Fresh Banana to Eastern European and Middle East  countries.    And We are regularly exporting Indian Apples, pomegranate, Orange, lemon ,  papaya, Mango , Pine Apples and other Indian Vegetables  to Middle East, Asian  and European countries.
Also our coir division one of the largest one in India . exporting huge quantities to China , Korea and Japan .   
Date 2008 Feb 23, 03:02