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Ningbo Die Casting Man Technology Co.,Ltd.

Business category 1 AC/DC Adapters
City ( of main office ) Ningbo, CN, China
Address No.225, Tanshu Rd, Ninghai, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
Phones 0086 574-65358238
Fax 0086 574-65570158
Web site www.diecastingmanlighting.com
About "Die-Casting man was established in 1996 which is one of the lighting manufacturers with design & development, production & testing. We continue to offer a superior range of production and service including street light, high bay and die casting OEM products. We can offer a full service or simple SKD supply only.
We understand that lighting technology has to be practical, affordable and reliable. So we always design and develop products with our customersĖŠ needs in mind. We have a team of lighting designers to design, develop and manufacture our own luminaries.
Also we fully understand high quality is another important element for long term business development. We keep it in mind that products need to meet all EU requirements when we start design process. Our products are tested in credible, recognized laboratories and throughoutproduct development process they go through rigorous performance testing too.
We are a company never stand still on products and service."
Date 2019 Sep 18, 07:09