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Ningbo Hongyan Packing Material Co.,Ltd.

Business category 1 Agriculture Film
City ( of main office ) Ningbo, CN, China
Address No.1268, Zhenluo West Rd., Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
Phones 0086 574 8659 1877
Web site www.hongyanpack.com
About Ningbo Hongyan Packing Material Co.,Ltd is one of the largest entities with booming growth and advanced technologies in packing industry in China,and it has integrated functionalities in R&D,design,manufacturing,sales and customer service of PE Film in China.
Since established,Hongyan is aiming at“world-class PE film manufacturing enterprise” with“International Quality,Local Cost”management guidance.It is growing with globatized standard and positively extending the International Packing Industry R&D concept“Envi ronment Protected,Healthy,Safety”.
Date Feb 18, 07:02