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Ningbo Jinlun Magnet Technology Co., LTD

Business category 1 Magnetic Materials
City ( of main office ) Ningbo, CN, China
Address No.1658 North 3rd Ring Road West, Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Phones +86-574-63212222
Fax +86-574-63248818
Web site https://www.jinluncicai.com
About Ningbo Jinlun Magnet Technology Co., LTD. is specialized in producing high-performance magnet.Our company is a scientific, technological and innovational enterprise with high-speed development, whose the product performance and capacity are industry-leading. Our company has the most advanced permanent magnet production equipment, with annual output of 5000 tons of high performance, many varieties of billet production capacity. The company introduces a large number of professional rare-earth permanent magnetic personnel, committed to the technical research and development of high-tech products. In addition, our company has a wealth of high-quality related supporting enterprises, for the company's capacity and product performance to provide a solid guarantee. At present, the products are widely used in the fields of electronic information, industrial equipment, automobile, medical treatment, etc.
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