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Business category 1 Aluminum Scrap
Business category 2 Copper Scrap
Business category 3 Other Metal Scrap
City ( of main office ) Kharkiv, UA, Ukraine
Address Hervonoshkilna Nab. 2, Floor 2 Room 19, 61050 Kharkiv. Ukraine.
Phones +380634939047
Web site www.obnscrapltd.com
About OBN Scrap Limited is a recycling center based in Ukraine. We have on-site tipping facilities for ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, including all kinds of scrap plastic, waste papers and e-waste. We are also available to supply used rails, aluminum scrap, brass, copper, ore, abs, pet flakes, pet bottles, HDPE drums, LDPE film, BOPP film and we also have a commercial skip service. We welcome customers from all sections of the community.
Date 2018 Aug 29, 17:08