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Business category 1 Fashion Accessories Agents
City ( of main office ) New York City, US, United States
Phones (+44) 20 8050 3608
Web site www.ovlash.com
About The mink false eyelash is the best type of eyelashes you will wish for. The mink eyelashes are very full and fluttery in texture. The mink eyelashes are made up of 100 percent Siberian mink fur. The 3D mink eyelashes have a shiny and vivid look. Each 3D pair of the mink lashes is hand-made to give them a perfect look and shape. The mink eyelashes are easy to install, do not cause any harm to the eye, are hypo-allergic and are totally free of cruelty. The mink eyelashes might are a little dramatic but; this makes it even effective to boost the user’s appearance instantly. These eyelashes spices up the user’s beauty and make them more presentable. They are the best false lashes ever.
Date 2018 Apr 25, 08:04