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Purechemical Ltd

Business category 1 Bath Salt
Business category 2 Pharmaceuticals
Business category 3 Other Inorganic Chemicals
City ( of main office ) Hebeitun, CN, China
Address 28 Lane 79 Gonghai road Huinan Town
Phones +8617040731048
Web site www.richchemstore.com
About We are best supplier of research chemicals and some of our best products are Buy high

quality Carfentanil,Mdma,Oxycodone,2CI, 2CP,2CE ,2CB,Mephedrone Ketamine Heroine cocaine

,5-Meo-DMT 4-Aco-DMT 4-Ho-MIPT Mdma and BK mdma,Jwh-018 and powder methylone.
We have fast and safe shipping worldwide and we have high passinig rate.
CONTACT INFORMATION Email : info(AT)richchemstore(DOT)com Text (Wickr: richchemstore)
Date 2020 Mar 31, 12:03