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Reliance Metal Resource Co., Ltd

Business category 1 Steel Pipes
Business category 2 Square Steel Pipes
City ( of main office ) Tianjin, CN, China
Address Hi-tech Information Square, Building C, #909, Nainkai District
Phones 86-13022273566
Fax 86-22-23757190
Web site www.reliancesteel.cn
About Reliance Metal Resource Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of steel pipes at Tianjin, China. Our own factory is Tianjin Reliance Steel Pipe Co., Ltd, which was established in 2004 at Caigongzhuang Industrial Park of Tianjin. We produce HFW round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, spiral pipes, seamless pipes and some special pipes and pipe fittings.

1. Advantageous location-----save delivery time and transportation cost
Tianjin Reliance Steel Pipe Co., Ltd is located at Jinhai County Daqiuzhuang industrial district, west of Beinjing-Shanghai Expressway, East of the Bohai Sea coastal Tanggu new port, south of Tang-Jin Expressway. This convenient geographic position could shorten the delivery time and cut the transportation cost.

2. Wide products' range----meet customers' demands
We can produce several kinds of steel pipes and each kind has various dimensions for you choosing. Meanwhile, with abundant steel raw materials from Tangshan, we could reach an annual production of 240,000 Metric Ton.

3. Advanced machinery equipments----guarantee products' quality
We have 6 sets of advanced steel pipe production equipment and several testing facilities which ensure our products' quality.

4. Extensive market----prove our dependability
Our main market distributes in Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia as well as Oceania. And we look forward to doing business and making friends with clients all around the world.
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