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Shaoxing Hanxiang Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Business category 1 Macadamia Nuts
City ( of main office ) Chongqing, CN, China
Address Yuzhu Village,Keyan Street,Shaoxiang County
Phones 86-0575-84297986
Fax 86-0575-84319888
Web site www.hosiery-machine.com/product/sock-knitting-machines
About The company mainly produces H04MJ-600 fine stitch jacquard pantyhose machine (different choices of float rubber string or all of the knitting needles in weaving state, can be woven plain weave, mesh, jacquard patterns, flowers can be woven floral pattern), and H10 / 12-400 automatic computer high-speed flat-panel pantyhose machine. Meanwhile, the company also produces HX-308 computerized glove braiding machine and the HX-305 computerized glove braiding machine, with the feature of stable performance and easy operation, etc., which may be required to weave different safety gloves for various industries usage, high production efficiency, low labor intensity, good investment returns, the degree of automation products can rival foreign similar products, is currently an advanced glove braiding machine.
Date Jun 12, 08:06