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Shengzhou Kaixin Electric Appliance Factory

Business category 1 Motorcycle Accessories
City ( of main office ) Taizhou, CN, China
Address Ganlin Town, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Phones 86-0575-83061897
Web site www.chinakxdq.com
About Shengzhou Kaixin Electric Appliance Factory is a professional manufacturer of household electric motors. The main specifications are (YPY series) various specifications, mainly used for air conditioners, range hoods, washing machines, fans and other products. Since its establishment, it has been insisting With the tenet of “Quality First, Honesty and Equity”, the company has achieved rapid development and achieved remarkable achievements in the past few years. The series products have also established a good reputation in the domestic market through the 3C certificate issued by the China Quality Certification Center. It has won the favor of the majority of users and is now entering the international market with the good opportunities of China's accession to the WTO.
Date Jul 6, 07:07