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Shenyang Guoyuan Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

Business category 1 Pumps
City ( of main office ) Shenyang, CN, China
Address 1-2 No. 112, Hongrun Road, Yuhong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Provinc.
Phones 86-13504001744
Fax 86-24-25302661
Web site www.guoyuanpump.com
About Do you have some standard parts?
Yes,besides the customized parts,we also can offer some standard parts which are mainly used for excavators.we called them g.e.t parts,including bucket teeth and adapters,cutting edges,side cutters,end bits,ripper shanks, shank guards and scarifies shanks,pins and retainers,bolts and nuts,etc.
How about the capacity of your company?
We have 12 modern types of energy-saving & environmentally-friendly production lines including a fully automated wax and shell making process flow line, as well as 4 heat treatment production lines. and our annual production capacity is over 20,000 tons.
How many employees of your company?what about the technicians?
We now have more than 650 employees, including 10 engineers and 50 technicians.
Date Mar 12, 05:03