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Siriusmed Medical Ventilator Machine Class III Quick Self test Easy position

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Category Medical Cryogenic Equipments
City / Port Beijing, CN, China
Address Beijing Siriusmed Medical Device Co.,Ltd. A-501, Building 13, No.8 Liangshuihe 2nd Street, YiZhuang Economic-Technical Development Area, Beijing,China
Description Siriusmed Medical Ventilator Machine
Class III Medical Ventilator Machine
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Ventilator R50-Quick Self-Test No Need Frequent Interaction From Operator 
Multiple Options for Different User
High-end model R55 have more advance modes of ventilation, with the high-end functions such as PRVC, NIV, VS. It will be easily updated via software.
With the optional modules of famous brands, such as EtCO2 nebulizer and with more monitoring information for doctor’s reference.
Active Exhalation Valve
Achieve breathing during both inspiratory and expiratory. Actively controls the target pressure, prevent airway pressure high, promotes patient ventilator synchrony. Easily removable and sterilizable the modular exhalation valve & flow sensor .
Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled ICU ventilator
Usage range: Suitable for Adults, Pediatrics and Infants
Sufficient modes of Ventilation: VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC+PSV, SIMV-PC+PSV, SPONT/CPAP+PSV, BACKUP, Manual
Knob and Hard key input,Easy and fast selectable functions which enables single step functionality.
Easy to position ergonomic trolley with two brakes
Quick self-test no need frequent interaction from operator
Direct setting of ventilation parameters in the main interface
3 waveforms and 2 loops on one interface, quick changeover able
System log keeps record of all types of alarms
Date Jan 20, 05:01