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Sorkampal Store

Business category 1 Optical Instruments
City ( of main office ) Pekanbaru, ID, Indonesia
Address Jl. Kemuning Raya Indah no 12A-12B
Phones +6262978221
Fax +6262978222
Web site www.sorkampal.com
About We started from the hobby, it was difficult to find a tool for hunting and telescoping
have thoughts and common goals and we end up working hard to find an agent and work together until this end.
Sorkampal Store the biggest Binoculars, Monoculars, Night Vision, Night Vision Rifle scopes, Night Vision Rifle scopes, Rifle Scopes, Spotting Scopes, Telescopes

Dealer & supplier in Batam - Indonesia. Our goal is to provide superior services and products so that your time on the water is quality time. Sorkampal Store relocated in Jl. Kemuning Raya Indah no 12A-12B - Batam 67573 Indonesia . Sorkampal Store Service Department has over 8 years combined experience, and They understand customer satisfaction comes from good quality service.
Your challenge becomes our challenge, and we welcome it!
Our knowledgeable Sales Department takes great pride in each and every product line that we carry. As a customer you should expect a stress free and fun experience!
we make every effort to fulfill your hobby needs.

Already 9 years we work together and supported by Alpen, LOWEPRO, Armasight, ATN, Barska, Bushnell, Canon, Celestron, Explore, Hawke, Kowa , Konus, Leupold, Leica, Meade, Nightforce, Nikon , Redfield, Sky Watcher, Sigma, Vortex, Yukon, Zeiss, Etc.
for repairs and insurance we place several agents in each of your country. so this can make it easier for you to take care of the whole product.

Our Website Customer service will follow up you as soon as they possible.
So do not hesitate to give us any inquiry or any questions. It's our pleasure to assist you..

- Binoculars
- Monoculars
- Night Vision
- Night Vision Rifle scopes
- Rifle Scopes
- Spotting Scopes
- Telescopes

Binoculars, Monoculars, Night Vision, Rifle Scopes, Telescopes

Contact Information
Sorkampal Store
Address :
Jl. Kemuning Raya Indah no 12A-12B
Kepulauan RIAU
Indonesia 67573
Phone : +6262978221
Fax : +6262978222
Monday - Saturday 07.30 am - 17.00 pm
( contact through email, we respond 24 hours )

Email Store :

For order and more information about our product list, please visit to our official website company sorkampal . com
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