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Sunsun Group Co., LTD

Business category 1 Aquariums & Accessories
City ( of main office ) Zhoushan Shi, CN, China
Address No. 61-79, Baima Street, Maao Town, Dinghai District
Phones 86-0580-8080124
Fax 86-0580-8080127
Web site www.sunsun-china.com
About Sunsun Group Co., LTD was established in November 1985. And through more than 30 years’ endless efforts, nowadays our company has been continuously innovating in the following industries: aquarium pets, aqua cultural machinery, industrial equipment etc .

In our headquarter, we have set up ten functional departments including Sensen Research Institute, Sunsun Business School, Quality Control Department, Personnel and Administrative Information Department, Financial Department. Sunsun Group also has some wholly-owned subsidiary corporations ZHOUSHAN GRECH, ZHEJIANG JIALU, JIANGSU SENSEN, CHONGQING SENSEN, ZHONGSHAN SENSEN, TIANJIN SENSEN, ROLL-TAIL PET COMPANY, and MARINE ORIGANISM as well as an Import and Export company. Meanwhile, Sensen also has an important holding in seven trading company: JIANGSU,TIANJIN, HANGZHOU,ZHONGSHAN, SICHUAN, XIAN,JINAN. With its huge scale of production and marketing and advanced management mode, Sunsun continuously provides high-quality goods and services for domestic and foreign markets.
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