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TNT Express. Freight Solutions

Business category 1 Freight Agents
City ( of main office ) Santiago, CL, Chile
Address Providencia 1760 Piso 19 - Providencia - Santiago
Phones T : 56 2 3605050 F : 56 2 3605005 M : 56 9 819831
Web site www.tnt.com
About TNT Express will continue to strengthen it's position in Europe. We are number one in national and intra-European express flows.

We are also adding two of these Boeing 747 freighter planes to our air fleet. These planes will serve on the Europe to China route.

We are building road networks in China, India, South East Asia, the Middle-East and South America. Lastly, we have a leading position in special services.

In TNT Post is competing on several fronts. In the Netherlands, we are striving to maintain our revenues despite increased competition and declining mail volumes. In other EU countries TNT is taking advantage of the coming liberalisation of the postal market. Revenues of our European Mail Networks are growing rapidly.

An important part of our mission is to share responsibility for the world in which we operate. In 2006, we have begun implementing our plans to clean up our vehicle fleet. But it is clear we need to do more. Global heating is a fact and we - the people on this earth - are responsible for it.

We have got to do something to avoid disastrous effects. So we at TNT will act. We are looking at some ambitious plans to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Our partnership with the World Food Programme remains important. Our joint fight against hunger must continue.
Date 2007 Jun 6, 16:06