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Taizhou Xinyd Machinery Co.,Ltd

Business category 1 Acne Treatment
City ( of main office ) Wenling, CN, China
Phones 86-15957622022
Web site https://www.ixymotor.com
About Not for the first time and certainly not for the last, it would seem that a round of applause is due for aninanimate rod. Many cheap and cheerful DIY 3D printers, such as the Prusa i3 and other RepRap machines, use a threaded rod for their z-axis. The threaded rod is a cheap piece of equipment, but many users—Daniel included—have encountered irresolvable problems when using the oblong piece of metal. Use of a threaded rod as the z-axis of a 3D printer is standard for many budget machines, but notable problems include backlash and wobble, which can be eliminated with the use of a lead screw.
Date Mar 8, 05:03