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Used LPG Storage Tank

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About We are exporter and manufacturer of Used LPG Storage Tanks. We also supplier of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Underground Tank, Auto lpg Storage tanks at cheap cost. Used Lpg Storage Tank Volumes are from 2KL to 500KL Total Storage, as well as Refrigerated tank for propane storage. Used LPG Storage Tanks or Refurbished LPG tanks or Pre-owned Tanks

Introduction of Used LPG Storage Tanks

Tanks used for the storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas shall be designed for a working pressure corresponding to the vapour pressure at the highest temperature that the tanks are likely to reach.
Each storage tank should be fitted with a pressure gauge and devices for measuring the liquid content and its temperature. The maximum quantity of Liquefied Petroleum Gas filled into anyone tank should be such that at the maximum operating temperature it would not occupy more than 95% of the capacity of the storage tank.
Excess flow valves should be fitted to prevent the loss of Liquefied Petroleum Gases from storage tanks and transport tanks, and especially to protect points where flexible hoses are used.
Remote controlled hydraulically operated shut-off valves should be fitted to each storage tank
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