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Vano Inflatables ZorbingBallz.com Limited

Business category 1 Gymnastics
Business category 2 Inflatable Ball
Business category 3 Toy Balls
City ( of main office ) Guangzhou, CN, China
Address 3rd Building www.WaterRollers.com
Phones 202209807
Web site www.ZorbingBallz.com
About Vano Inflatables Industrial Limited, a professional factory, is specialized in reliable quality inflatable zorb ball, water walking ball, bubble football, zorb soccer, body zorbing, bumper balls, human hamster ball, water walker, water roller, bounce house, inflatable slides, gymnastics air track, tumble track, air mat, airtrack factory, interactive games, advertising models and much more.
Phone: +86-20-22098070 | Add: 3rd Building, Shijing Industrial Zone, Guangzhou, China 510430

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