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Xiamen Zeolitemin Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Business category 1 Animal Feed
Business category 2 Feed
Business category 3 Poultry
City ( of main office ) Xiamen, CN, China
Address Zone A,No.666 Yangguang Road,, Xinyang Industrial Dist,Haicang,
Phones 13599921729
Fax 0086 592 6808850
Web site https://www.zeolitemin.com/en/zeolites/what-is-natural-zeolite.html
About ZeoliteMin is a leading supplier of natural zeolite clinoptilolite in China. Our zeolite uses in the agricultural, animal feed, aquaculture,soil amendment,soil-released fertilizer, water treatment filter media,road surfaces,material filler,cement additives and construction markets.

UZ-Min Animal Feed CZF100-Powder has a highly porous clinoptilolite structure with high adsorption capacity and ion exchange capacity (CEC). It can adsorb ammonium, toxins and heavy metals (such as lead, nickel, mercury and cadmium). At the same time, clinoptilolite itself contains high content of effective micronutrient (Na, Ca, K, Mg, Zn, etc.), which is easy to be absorbed and utilized, and also has a variety of biological enzyme catalysis. It can be used as a kind of feed additive and toxic adhesive for livestock and poultry.
Date 2021 Oct 8, 08:10