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Yeshua's Marketing

Business category 1 Canned Seafood
Business category 2 Canned Poultry & Meat
Business category 3 Canned Food
City ( of main office ) Zamboanga, PH, Philippines
Address Philippines
Phones +639757746477
Fax +639757746477
Web site yeshuasmarketing.com
About We are the Leading Manufacturer/Supplier of BEST CANNED TUNA in the Market today.

Products are ready for Shipping.

Produce name: Canned Tuna, 
Halal certified
Min. Qty. Required: 1x40 FCL  (3,600 cartons)
easy open lid.
Shelf Life: 3 years

Product details:

Skipjack Canned Tuna 180g
Solid/Flakes in vegetable oil
Packing 48tins/carton @ US$
Easy open Can
Shelf life: 3 years

Also Offer:
in tomato sauce
Packing 100tins/carton @US$

for info kindly contact:

Mr. Dansoon Belmes 
+63 9757746477
dsbcorner at gmail dot com
yeshuasmarketing at gmail dot com
Date 2018 Nov 8, 12:11