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Zhejiang Xinlei Packaging Co.,Ltd.

Business category 1 Cosmetic Jars
City ( of main office ) Shaoxing, CN, China
Address No.8 Yuzhou Road,Lihai Town industrial Zone,Binhai New City,Shaoxing,Zhejiang China.
Phones 86-15305752020
Fax 86-0575-82783352
Web site www.xinlei-packaging.com
About As a professional China cosmetic packaging suppliers and skincare packaging factory, Here, have experienced, skilled model designers, through efficient communication, using advanced design software, can in the customer's idea of parameterized´╝î modular, strive to finish in short time make of product from,always ask ourselves to do "pursuit vogue ´╝îbrave practice, dares to innovate, strive for perfection".
Date Mar 22, 05:03