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Zhucheng City Jinding Food Machinery Co.,Ltd

Business category 1 Food Processing Machine
City ( of main office ) Zhucheng, CN, China
Address Zhuhao Road East Side, Zhucheng City,Shandong Province, China
Phones +86 18463652985
Fax +86 536 6162248
Web site www.sumpot.com
About Retort sterilizer SINCE 1996
Great experience in food sterilization, enable us to provide you our best machine and service .
Our company consistently adopts the modern high end technology and continuously upgrades its products with state-of-the art R&D techniques , we are not only selling retort machines but also organize training course once a year to teach the food supplier how to be better sterilize products and etc. We have more than 20 years abundant experiences in food processing machine industrial, we are specialized in making all kinds of sterilization machines and cooking kettles.
For example:
Water spray retort machine
Water spray shower type retort machine
Water spray shaking type retort machine
Water spray top and side spray retort machine
Water immersion retort machine
Water spray rotary retort machine
Water immersion rotary retort machine
Steam air retort machine
Steam air rotary retort machine
Steam rotary retort machine
Steam retort machine
Tuna fish precooker
Multifunction lab retort machine
Water spray lab retort machine
Water immersion lab retort machine
Vacuum chamber cooking machine
Steam kettle
Electricity type kettle
Retort pouch loading and unloading machine.
Storage tank
Blending Tanks
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