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Business category 1 Asia & Pacific Islands Clothing
City ( of main office ) Rāwalpindi, PK, Pakistan
Address chaakra rd
Phones 923105608447
About What is your product??
We require:
Aluminum sheet
Various manufacturing machines and related spare parts.
Whatsapp; 00923150085681
Do you require following:
Broiler chicken whole meat frozen, animal natural casing, garments, used / scrape, glass edges polishing machine, air compressor, hardness tester.
Academy for teaching holy quran with qirat, (only, no other subjects) male and female teachers available. Brothers of other religions pls do not mind. We value your religion, if any student male or female wants to join us, please contact, rgds. We are in search of students, and want scholarship abroad, I am Msc. Physics with teaching experience in college 10 yrs in physics subject.
Individual investor required. pls contact us for details, he should keep money with himself not give us but only supply goods against letter of credit himself.
Date 2019 Oct 28, 07:10