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ostore salar kavir pistachio

Business category 1 Nuts & Kernels
City ( of main office ) Sīrjān, IR, Iran
Address Iran. kerman. sirjan
Phones +989330450021
Fax +983442294822
Web site www.oskpistachio.com
About The ostore Salar kavir in Iran (Sirjan) produces the best quality pistachio directly!
Competitive price! Fast deliver !Colorful package! High quality pistachio all of them only in in OSTORE SALAR KAVIR
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Discount is only for customer who call us and make effect after 5 days
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Tel: +98_9330450021
Web: www.oskpistachio.com
Email: info@oskpistachio.com
Date 2017 Nov 22, 07:11