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Business category 1 Frozen Seafood
Business category 2 Seafood
Business category 3 Fish
City ( of main office ) Nha Trang, VN, Vietnam
Address 09 pasteur street, xuong Huan ward, nha trang city, viet nam
Phones (+84)772437995
Web site www.seafoodvietnam.vn
About We’re seafood company from Viet Nam. One of reliable supplier from Vietnam

We are supplying with many products as below:

For Cuttlefish products: Cuttlefish fillet, Baby cuttlefish, Matsukasa, Tanzaku, cuttlefish flower cut...

For Squid products: Squid WR, squid ring cut, squid skinless, squid tube, squid ring cut with powder...

For Octopus products: Octopus WR, octopus two skin cut, Boiled octopus cut,

For Shrimp products: BT and VM Nobashi, Ebi-fry, BT HOSO, HOSL, steamed HOSO....

For Fish products: Tuna,Tongue sole, sardine, big eyes scad fillet, sillago, sting ray fin, Itoyori fillet, Itoyori fillet with powder, Pangasius.

For swimming Crabs: Whole round three-spot swimming crab and whole round blue swimming crab.

M: (84) 772 437 995
T: (84) 58 2471 179
E: seafood8@vinasea.com
Skype: huuhieu081090
Date 2018 Dec 17, 12:12