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Business category 1 Anime Costumes
City ( of main office ) Hefei, CN, China
Address hefei
Phones 15395165085
Fax 15395165085
Web site https://www.zengran.com
About Anhui Zengran Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of science and education - Hefei. It is a professional packaging equipment manufacturer; Manufacturing of weighing machines and measuring machines; Import and export of packaging machinery; A professional manufacturing enterprise engaged in technology import and export. The backbone comes from the "Anhui Zhengyuan" team. Former chief technical engineer of Anhui Zhengyuan Packaging Machine: Mr. Zhang Guanghui served as the general manager. Led a team of professionals who have been engaged in technology research and development, production and manufacturing, sales and service for nearly 20 years, with strong comprehensive capabilities in overall project design, production and manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical training and other aspects. Our products cover automatic packing machines and weighing machines for granules, powders, liquids, etc. Vertical bag making, filling and packaging machine, bag feeding and packaging machine, automatic heavy bag packaging machine, secondary packaging machine, automatic packing and stacking, weight sorting, metal detection and other equipment.
Date 2023 Jul 28, 06:07